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5th Test Valley Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot

It was the sound of the 12 bore that guided me on a sunny May morning to the Acorn Shoot where the 5th Test Valley Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot was taking place.  The Compton Manor Estate was a blanket of greens and yellows, showing little signs of the torrential rain and winds that had marked the previous day.  Competition was well under way by the time I arrived but there were plenty of competitors around from the 136 guns who were more than happy to inform this shooting novice about the day’s events.


The guns were a blend of parishioners, local and national firms and visitors who made up 34 teams of four people, hailing from as far as Surrey to the east and Swindon to the west. Team names were certainly inventive; hopefully the members of ‘Target – What Target?’ had more luck than their moniker suggested. The four calling themselves ‘Trigger Happy’ was certainly misnamed as they were the winning team by the end of the day!  As I wandered around, I was impressed by the competency of  the guns although the experience widely ranged from a complete beginner who succeeded on his first two tries to the experts who hit the moving targets with great alacrity.  The individual shoots were varied and one area marked as ‘The Flush’ involved all four team members shooting at the same time. There were two additional pool shoots for the experienced and the novice and competitors paid £10 for 10 shots to win vouchers for the top targets in each pool.  By late morning, the green fields around the Acorn Shoot were quickly becoming littered with clay debris.


Colin Reeve is the co-originator with John Vanderpump of this fundraising event and he kindly gave me my very first shooting lesson in the safe environment of the novice pool shoot.  Sadly I didn’t hit the clay once but it was great fun and I found myself watching the competitors with new eyes.  Colin, John and Tony Brooke-Webb began planning the Shoot last October.  They, and all those involved in coordinating the event, must be congratulated for its seamless organisation.  On the eve of the event, those setting up were faced with the heavens opening and strong winds pulling the marquee out of its tent pegs.  But there were no signs of these challenges the next day!


The Test Valley Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot is a fundraiser for our Village Hall Development Fund and Cancer Research UK.  Ladies of Cancer Research’s Winchester Committee made and served a hog roast lunch and homemade lime roulade for 186 people and one of their members, Jo Brooke-Webb, stood in for Lady Appleyard to present the prizes.  Thanks must go to the many local firms who support the event by buying advertising space, providing prizes and entering teams.  Trophies and perpetual salvers for the winners were provided by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.   Over the past four years around £35,000 has been raised for the charities and this year’s event will surpass all other years with an expectation to exceed £17,000, of which £4,000 came from the auction led by local man, Mike Woodhall.  This was a great Parish fundraiser, blending the social with the contest and the novice with the expert in beautiful surroundings.  The 6th Clay Pigeon Shoot will be in May 2014 and seven teams have already reserved their places but there is plenty of time for all those interested to get a team of four ready for next year.  There are great prizes to be won but the best prize can be enjoyed by all guns – an excellent day out that will benefit two worthy charities.


Preparations have started for next years shoot and this will be on 9th May 2014.

Dawn Harrison


Gentlemen’s Top Gun:

  Phil King (Trigger Happy Team)


Ladies’ Top Gun:

  Danielle Griffin (Moore Dutton Team)


Top Gun Side by Side:

  Henry Potter (Ashley Guns Team)


Top Team:

  Trigger Happy


Clay Preservation Prize:

  Shauna Robinson (Shots Aloud)


Pool Shoot Winner:

  John Perry


Novice Pool Shoot Winner:

  David Kness



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